Many times in the midst of devastation and chaos we seek truth, wisdom and understanding. We try and make sense of the world around us. Try to decipher the chatter, bring the blurriness into clarity, and refocus the lenses of uncertainty. We want to be the experts, the ones who have it all figured out and the professor of all. Is that our role? To know the who, what, when, where and why? We seem to think so. CNN and MSNBC seems to make us think that if we miss one broadcast or one news story then we are out of the loop. It brings us to a state where we think we have to read everything, and know it all to have any sort of peace or understanding.

In Psalms 29:11 it says ” The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord bless them with peace.” What is peace? Peace is defined as a quiet and calm state of mind. An agreement and harmony. When we allow the constant flow of information into our hearts from sources outside of his word it creates a spirit of unrest, uncertainty and unknowing. It pushes us to take a step back from God instead of pushing in. It breeds a spirit of uneasiness and fear. Fear breeds panic. Panic breeds unrest. Unrest breeds isolation and that is exactly where they enemy wants you. In the state of fear and isolation so he can prey on your thoughts and emotions. He can take you away from the community of believers God so carefully crafted into your life. He creates a spirit of destruction in our hearts that makes us trust numbers instead of scripture. Facts instead of his promises. Degrees instead of biblical truth. News instead of the unchanging word of God. Does he expect us to use wisdom? Of course. Does he expect us to listen to experts? Of course he gave them the understanding. He also wants us to trust. Trust that his plan is greater than our own. Trust that in the midst of chaos there is peace. Trust that the word is alive and true. Trust that he died on the cross for each one of us. Trust that even in the times of chaos he is here. Holding us. Cradling us. Pushing families together. Strengthening marriages and stirring a strong community of believers to be more than just seers of the word but doers.  To be the church. A walking breathing representation of his peace, trust,promise and word.